Configure Firewall Rules for Failover

Now, here we need to assign firewall rules for failover, To configure firewall rules navigate to “Firewall” and choose “Rules“. Under LAN we have to add new rules for failover.
Click on + Symbol in right side to add new rules.

Make changes to below options.
  1. Interface = LAN
  2. Protocol = any
  3. Source = LAN net
  4. Description = What ever you wish for fail-over.

Under advance settings of Gateway choose WAN1Failover and save, repeat the same instructions to configure WAN2Failover.

Select FailOver Gateway for WAN1
After adding the above rules, you can see the below listed rules for both LoadBalancer and Failover.
Confirm LoadBalancer Failover Rules

Now it’s time to assign at least one DNS server for our Gateway and apply changes and make sure to check the Status of our Gateway.
From “System” Menu choose “General Setup” and check for DNS respectively, which we have assigned under gateway.
Add DNS IP Addresses
Choose “Status” menu and click on “Gateways” to get the status.
Check DNS Status
That’s it we have successfully deployed a Failover in pfsense.

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