Serva PXE boot server with hirenboot

  • create a folder with name hiren in SERVA_ROOT\NWA_PXE directory as shown below
  • Copy Hiren boot iso in Hiren folder SERVA_ROOT\NWA_PXE\hiren
  • Now Create a file with ServaAsset.inf and just copy paste code below and save

;-Serva v2.1 Non-Windows Asset Information File 


;  Hiren's

;-Tested on:
;  Hiren's.BootCD.15.2.iso
;  Hiren's.BootCD.Pro.2.3.iso
;  -
;  Client's memory must be > 2.2 * ISO size
asset    = Hiren'sBoot
platform = x86
kernel   = memdisk
append   = iso initrd=\NWA_PXE\$HEAD_DIR$\Hiren.iso raw

Note: just change Hiren.iso with your own iso name

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